Kathrin Longhurst

Lives and works in Sydney

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

"Propaganda is all around us. It's not specific to a period of time, a country or a regime … it's everywhere."

Kathrin Longhurst grew up in Communist East Germany, where she started taking life-drawing classes at age 14. Growing up in East Berlin 'behind the iron curtain', Longhurst's access to glamour was strictly limited. She longed for "pretty dresses and pretty things".  Her paintings recall this love of luxuries formerly forbidden, while her female figures challenge varying definitions of feminism through their combination of strength and desirability.

Longhurst has been a full-time artist since 2003. Her work is strongly influenced by Socialist realism and Communist propaganda art. She spent a decade in Scandinavia visiting galleries in Denmark and Sweden as well as a year in Belgium, where her work gained its Art Nouveau influences.

Longhurst is actively involved with Portrait Artists Australia, Australia’s largest industry association for professional portraitists.

Kathrin Longhust creating her body of work "Forging of a Human Spirit", exhibited by Charter Hall and Nanda\Hobbs at 1 Martin Place, March 2017.

Kathrin Longhurst is a finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize, Art Gallery NSW - View Here

\ Artworks


2015 \ Mixed media on canvas \ 122x92cm framed


Coco Noir

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 70 x 75cm


Float Like a Butterfly

2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 180x180cm



2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 90 x 90cm


Nothing can stop us now

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 90 x 90cm

Ode to Feminism

2018 \ Oil on canvas / Triptych \ 180 x 540cm


Pilot Girl Revisited IX

2017 \ Oil on linen \ 92x92cm


Postcard from the Battlefield III

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 120 x 90cm

The Protagonist

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 90 x 90cm


Under the armour

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 90 x 90cm


\ News


Major New Work by Kathrin Longhurst Purchased by The Bennett Art Collection, USA

6 June 2018

The major work in Kathrin Longhurst's upcoming exhibition Protagonist has been purchased by The Bennett Art Collection in Texas, USA and is planned for inclusion in a major public exhibition in Chicago next year.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Kathrin Longhurst

Summer Show

Group Exhibition

5 December — 22 December 2018

Kathrin Longhurst


14 June — 30 June 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Kathrin Longhurst

Fading History

18 February — 4 March 2016

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Kathrin Longhurst

Heroes and Villains

20 November — 4 December 2014

Kathrin Longhurst

Children of the Revolution

2 May — 17 May 2013

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